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BABY BOOMER BRAIN POWER:  USE IT OR LOSE IT! is dedicated to helping Baby Boomers age gracefully -- and have fun doing it!

According to recent research, the best way to prolong good health and mental fitness is to…who'd of guessed it? Eat healthy and not only exercise your body, but also your brain!

Neuroscientists have found that exercise, good nutrition (antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids), proper hydration, adequate sleep and reduced stress is what keeps people physically healthy and mentally agile.

It has been found that the brain needs new and challenging stimulation, which is always changing to provide good mental fitness. Say you do crosswords everyday and you have been for the past twenty years, this alone is no longer providing your brain with the new or varied stimulation needed to get those pistons really pumping.

There are more ways to mentally exercise then you'd imagine, now it is a lot more then the old stand-bys of crossword puzzles and Sudoku. It has expanded into many different electronic games, including Big Brain Academy by Nintendo, or Guitar Hero and Rock-Band which can be used on Xbox, Playstation and the Wii systems. There are also a multitude of computer games that test your mental agility. Many of which can be found right here on this website!

Remember: Use it or lose it! The eye hand coordination alone can make more of a difference then anyone could have ever thought.

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